Practice Areas

Special Education


From eligibility to school placement, Attorney Hahn helps parents secure an appropriate education for their child, from formal consultation and attendance at meetings to representation at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals.

Juvenile Delinquency


Many children accused of crimes go to Juvenile Court.  Attorney Hahn expertly advocates for children at clerk's hearings and in delinquency and youthful offender proceedings, fighting for the best possible outcome.

Student Discipline


Students facing discipline need effective representation from Attorney Hahn to protect their rights under general education and special education laws and get them back to school as soon as possible.



Schools and parents may file a Child Requiring Assistance petition in Juvenile Court to seek help managing a child's behavior or school attendance.  Attorney Hahn counsels families with how best to handle a CRA.



Attorney Hahn advises families during investigations by the Department of Children and Families, challenges DCF decisions during Fair Hearings, and safeguards the rights of caretakers when DCF seeks or has custody of a child.

Criminal & HPO


In criminal cases for young adults and people with disabilities, and in Harassment Prevention Order matters for children and adults, Attorney Hahn makes sure his clients are heard, understood, and treated fairly.